About Us

1st 1 Out Bail Bonds is a locally owned and operated business who prides itself on excellent customer service. We have been in this area for several years and strive to help people in one of their most troubling times.

To help you understand the bail process, we are willing to give you a free consultation. But the basic process goes as follows:

  • After being arrested, the individual is brought to the jail in whichever county they were arrested.
  • Once in custody, the individual will have to go through a booking process. Each county varies on the amount of time it takes to be booked. At that time, the individual will be fingerprinted and asked questions such as who their next of kin is or their past history. They will also be told of their charges if they have not been already told.
  • Once that process is completed, they will be given one of several classifications which may be a surety bond with a certain dollar amount. Another may be a cash purge, or another may be a no bond.

A surety bond is a bond that a individual may get through a bail bond agency. The cost for doing a surety bond is (a minimum of $100.00 per charge for anything up to $1,000.00) anything from (1,000.00 and above is 10%) for example a surety bond that is $120.00, $500.00, $750.00 & $1,000,00 each would be $100.00. And surety bonds that are for example $5,000.00 would be $500.00 or a surety bond of $10,000.00 would be $1,000.00 and so on and so forth.

Now a cash purge means that the individual must have the full amount and must be taken to the jail by a friend or family member to secure their release. These are most common with a violation of probation (VOP), fines that were not payed or community hours that were not completed. A no bond means that that individual must see a judge at first appearance within 72 hrs of the arrest (usually the next day), either in the morning or afternoon depending on which county they were arrested in. It also depends on the person’s prior history or severity of the crime. A domestic battery charge is a mandatory court first appearance. For more information contact a bail bondsman from 1st 1 Out Bail Bonds in Sarasota, FL today.